Strengthen your team with “Golden Rules”

Personal values define our behaviors, thoughts and feelings. They give meaning to our life, by encouraging us to act in one way or another and taking decisions based on what we value most.  Living according to our values allows us to achieve happiness. Not following them, makes us feel disoriented or lost. When you areContinue reading “Strengthen your team with “Golden Rules””

Discover what boosts and motivates you

How many times have you asked yourself the following questions: Why did I make this decision instead of another? Am I aware of the motivators that drive me? If I take another option, will I feel good? These questions and many more can be answered by the game of Management 3.0 “Moving Motivators”. It consistsContinue reading “Discover what boosts and motivates you”

Discover your team’s competences

Today I want to share with you the use of a Management 3.0 “Team Competence Matrix” practice which allows you to identify the competencies you have in your teams. The exercise begins by understanding the aims you need to achieve in your product/service. Once you have identified them, start by creating the Matrix including allContinue reading “Discover your team’s competences”

Knowing your colleagues. “How do you feel?”

It is one of the questions that work teams ask themselves every day and share their mood. This is “Niko Niko Calendar” a practice of Management 3.0. The simple fact of asking “How do you feel today?”, listening to the answers of the people in your team, often sharing personal things, allows you to startContinue reading “Knowing your colleagues. “How do you feel?””

Reinvent your organizational structure

If you have ever questioned your current organizational structure, its roles, links, dedication or ways of relating, then, with the practical “Meddlers Game” of Management 3.0, you will find a way to solve it. It gives you a great overview, and information to discuss with your colleagues the current structure. It even allows you toContinue reading “Reinvent your organizational structure”

The secret to know your neighbor

How many times have you had the opportunity to talk to your neighbor, and you have been surprised at how many things you can have in common. Not to mention how rewarding it is to meet other people who share some of your interests, passions or personal experiences. In the world of work, it functionsContinue reading “The secret to know your neighbor”

Discover how to energize and motivate your teams

If you have observed that people on your team leave tasks incomplete, do not participate in activities outside of work, avoid changes, have conflicts with colleagues or complain about their work, then you may have unmotivated people. Today I want to share one of my experiments and the results obtained by applying the practice ofContinue reading “Discover how to energize and motivate your teams”