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Strengthen your team with “Golden Rules”

Personal values define our behaviors, thoughts and feelings. They give meaning to our life, by encouraging us to act in one way or another and taking decisions based on what we value most.  Living according to our values allows us to achieve happiness. Not following them, makes us feel disoriented or lost. When you are…

Discover what boosts and motivates you

How many times have you asked yourself the following questions: Why did I make this decision instead of another? Am I aware of the motivators that drive me? If I take another option, will I feel good? These questions and many more can be answered by the game of Management 3.0 “Moving Motivators”. It consists…

Discover your team’s competences

Today I want to share with you the use of a Management 3.0 “Team Competence Matrix” practice which allows you to identify the competencies you have in your teams. The exercise begins by understanding the aims you need to achieve in your product/service. Once you have identified them, start by creating the Matrix including all…


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